Marine Works

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SF MARINA SYSTEM AB SWEDEN is a manufacturer for its internationally renowned concrete pontoons and floating breakwater. AZZAM TRADING & CONTRACTING CO. LTD., is producing concrete pontoons under a license agreement with SF MARINA since 1989 with a territory of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar & Yemen.

The range of worldwide products of the SF MARINA pontoons have included pontoons used for marinas & floating breakwater pontoons,  commercial fishing harbors, fuel docks, fish farming projects, pontoon bridges and floating buildings. Gangways, mooring fingers, cleats, connectors etc. are also included in the program of SF MARINA. We also provide electrical and mechanical accessories used for the installation of services from specialized international manufacturers.  You can get more information about SF Marina by clicking here .The system is adaptable for Arabian Peninsula and does not affect the sites environmentally.

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